Proud New Guild Member Of The Center For Child Protection

I have just been honored as a member to the The Center Of Child Protection and will begin advocating on their behalf for upcoming events such as the one below as well as bringing to the light some of the issues highlighted in their ongoing blog here.   Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to learn more about The Center Of Child Protection.

About The Center Of Child Protection Blog:

CCPWhether you know it or not, the well-being of every child in this community affects the well-being and future of our entire community. Everyone knows a victim of child abuse. In fact, a report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds in the United States. These statistics continue to grow as more individuals decide to speak up for children and report suspected abuse. The Center for Child Protection is the only 501c3 nonprofit in Travis County involved in the investigation and prosecution of crimes against children. As part of our efforts to ensure the well-being of children, we realize the importance of starting a conversation about children and the adults who surround them. With this blog, we aim to more fully connect with our community by providing information on the issues surrounding children in general and of child abuse as well as providing a positive perspective on parenting and on how we can make a difference for children as a community.

Click here to see recent blog posts.

Upcoming Events: For The Center Of Child Protection



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