2014 Top Home Remodeling Projects That Are Worth the Investment

Steel entry door replacement


The top-ranking home improvement? A new front door, which on average adds 96.6 percent of the amount you spent to the value to your home, according to the report. But “it has to be the right front door,” cautions Steven Aaron, owner of the Steve Aaron Realtor Group at Keller Williams Beverly Hills and one of the protagonists of the HGTV series “Selling LA.”


Wood deck addition

Homeowners who add a wooden deck, which costs an average of $9,539 nationwide, recoup an average of 87.4 percent of the project’s cost when they sell the home, according to the report. Keep in mind that municipalities typically require a permit to build a deck.

Attic bedroom

Renovations within the existing envelope of your home – those that don’t require you to build an addition or expand the roof and foundation – often return more value than building extra rooms onto your home, and they’re much cheaper. Converting an attic into a bedroom ranked third of the 35 improvements in the report, returning an average of 84.3 percent of the amount spent

Garage door replacement

Upgrading your garage door can significantly enhance curb appeal. According to the Cost vs. Value report, replacing a garage door costs an average of $1,534 and yields an average 83.7 percent return on the amount spent.

See the full list of ideas here.



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